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I laughed way too much

that is the most cartoony wildlife footage ever captured.




Some of the new pages I’ve added in— not in any order, since they’re just new portions I’ve drawn or redrawn.

The crying image though sobbing

Thank you!!! I redrew the crying parts a bunch of times because it was difficult for me. <3

Also, looking at these sketches— the third one in this photoset looks super suspicious, lol. The first panel is Law (using an ashtray he had Sanji use) gesturing at a bed for Sanji to toss Luffy on, then Sanji doing so and then going through Luffy’s pockets for his student ID.

Ooooh I see! My stupid laptop screen doesn’t work anymore so I have to use a didn’t screen in order to use it, so most of the lines were too light for me to see anything, but your sketches are really amazing! …I need to follow you LOL But keep up with the good work~ <3


【イザシズ】ぬこぬこ2 | DORI

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Please, do not remove source.


Please, do not remove source.

Trying to draw some type of gore than some type of badassness, both fails pretty much LOL. One of a dead OC and the other still kicking it pretty much;;;

Sorry if I'm asking again, if you're still up for it 19 too haha :)

And here for a funny hat is my Madoka Magica OC, Yami Yuu! Not really a funny hat but you know… :’D


Please do number 7!! That'd be so cute <3

Pretty much..Kumi doesn’t like to use panties cause of her tail LOL;;;

Kumi is an original character of mine, and in the little box drawing is my girlfriend's character Erenii who helps takes care of Kumi cause she's a blind fuck. I gomen it's so horrible.